Peer Recovery Coach Training

The 30-hour Recovery Coach Academy is the first required course. If you want to go on for a professional credential in the state of Colorado, a 16-hour Ethics course and a 16-hour Essential Skills course are the follow-up courses.

Those courses complete the 60 hours of educational requirements for the Colorado Peer and Family Specialist through the Colorado Providers Association. The specialized/advanced courses are encouraged to enhance your Peer Recovery Coach career and are eligible for continuing education credits from NAADAC and COPA. Our Jordan Peer Recovery Supervision course is the registered Peer Supervisor training in Colorado and beyond.

Everyone is welcome attend our trainings. Contact us for group rates. 

Scholarships are limited. You must be a Colorado resident and have at least one year of sustained recovery in order to qualify for a full or partial scholarship. 

To apply, please fill out the scholarship form

Peer Recovery
Coach Academy

30 Credit Hours

A Recovery Coach promotes recovery and helps remove barriers to recovery. They serve as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or maintaining recovery from substance use disorder.


16 Credit Hours

Ethics trainings are not all created equal. With SRCs proven training, Recovery Coaches will gain an understanding of ethics, how Peer Recovery Coaches differ from clinicians, and what steps to take to uphold the highest standard of care.


16 Credit Hours

Essential skills are nuanced abilities to interface with people from all walks of life. In this course, you will master interpersonal skills, set career goals, and identify personal performance markers that will ultimately lead to your success.

Justice Involved

16 Credit Hours

This course is designed to prepare the Peer Recovery workforce to respond to the unique needs of incarcerated individuals and those transitioning back into their communities.


16 Credit Hours

Peer Recovery Professionals in healthcare settings work to improve healthcare outcomes by facilitating healthcare access, adding value to the healthcare team, and enriching the quality of life for people who are experiencing acute medical needs as a result of a substance use disorder.


16 Credit Hours

This course is designed to prepare the Peer Recovery workforce to respond to the unique needs of veterans and the military workforce.


16 Credit Hours

This course lays the foundation of supervision in a Peer Support environment Our trainers incorporate Daniels’ Pillars of Peer Support Supervision, Kadushin’s Social Work model of the Functions of Supervision, and Bloom, Anda and Felliti’s work on Trauma