Peer Recovery Coaching
for Healthcare

Course Duration
16 Hours/ 16 CEU’s

Cost: $500.00

985 W. Fillmore St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Peer Recovery Professionals in healthcare settings work to improve healthcare outcomes by facilitating healthcare access; adding value to the healthcare team, and enriching the quality of life for people who are introduced to recovery through healthcare systems.

June 17, 18, 2024
September 9, 10, 2024

As a result of this training, Healthcare Recovery Coaches will be able to

Act as a liaison between providers and service recipients within healthcare settings.

Support the education and delivery of peer-based services, such as culturally appropriate healthcare terminology and prevention education.

Referrals for a wide range of health and social services.

Assistance in navigating the health services system and in coordinating care and advocating for the individuals care.