Forensic Peer Recovery 

Course Duration
16 Hours/ 16 CEU’s

Cost: $500.00

985 W. Fillmore St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Forensic Peer Recovery is tailored to the specific needs of justice-impacted individuals. This course is designed to prepare the Peer Recovery workforce to respond to the unique needs of individuals in prisons and those re-entering their respective communities. Here you can learn the latest data in justice system Peer Recovery care and how to integrate innovative care models for every community member.

July 15, 16, 2024
October 7, 9, 2024

Learning Objectives for the Course Include:

Understanding the history of the criminal justice system.

Identify the different levels of trauma that affect individuals within the criminal justice system.

Identify the role of ethics in a community-based setting versus a criminal justice setting.

explore challenges and solutions to prevent recidivism and identify employment barriers for individuals reentering the community.