Peers Behind the Walls Program

Serenity Recovery Connection offers Peer Recovery Coaching services to those who are currently incarcerated. SRC Justice Coaches are living in sustained recovery and have navigated and successfully discharged the judicial system. Our Justice Coaches have completed additional certifications in “Jordan Forensics Peer Coaching,” ensuring they are equipped with the most advanced tools to meet the unique needs of justice-impacted recoverees.

Services Offered to those who are currently incarcerated:

Bi-Weekly Virtual Coaching Sessions

8 Dimensions of Wellness Plan

Help your loved one access addiction treatment resources.

Community Impact

6% Recidivism Rate
25% Increase in Mental Health Wellbeing
33.3% Increase in Community Engagement
37.5 % Increase in Engagement with Family Members
20% Increase in Engagement with Friends

‘Fresh Out the Gates’
Every Friday at 10 am

Fresh Out the Gates is a weekly support group at Serenity Recovery Connection which focuses on a community of people who share similar experiences when transitioning into community and remaining sober after incarceration.

The group provides understanding, hope and overall wellness through meetings and positive conversations and connections.

  • 8 Dimensions of Wellness
  • McShin Curriculum
  • 7 Habits
  • Recovery Community Connections
  • Job Search
  • Mentorship & Training
  • HOPE

Weekly meeting is open to all returning citizens.