Comeback Yoga for Veterans

Person Holding Feet With Pink Nail Polish

Comeback Yoga is a Veteran ran nonprofit that focuses on supporting unique Veteran mental health and physical well being with Yoga. Their mission is to remove barriers and making yoga accessible to the entire military community. They meet their students where they are and where they already feel comfortable.

From drill floors to mountain tops, Comeback Yoga is there!

  • This class is in collaboration with the Phoenix Colorado Springs and hosted at Serenity Recovery Connection.  
  • Description: This class is a Comeback Yoga All Levels Yoga Class. All Level classes are more accessible than Level 2 but are more challenging than gentle classes.
  • What that means:
    • Slow-paced and longer holds in supported postures
    • Easy transitions (ex: stepping back into a pose versus bringing the leg forward from downward-facing dog)
    • Less time in challenge places like downward facing dog and plank
    • Mindful of time on knees, and other places that may be difficult on some bodies
    • Emphasis on finding ease in the body and mind with some spots that may have strength | 303-416-4961