Recovery Hero: Tommy Graves

Recovery Hero of the week!
Hello, my name is Tommy Graves and I just celebrated 6 months clean and sober! I have been in and out of recovery for 20 years, but I’m doing it 100% this time! I have honestly worked a set of 12 steps, and am very active in meetings.

I am proud that I am facing my PTSD and trauma head on. I am learning to go through very tough situations and emotions without self-medicating. I am also starting E.M.D.R.(therapy) this week.

Honestly, when I got arrested July 11th of 2020 I was living in a burnt-out abandoned truck in a field. I was surrounded by fake people who only wanted what they could get out of me. I was so low I couldn’t look in the mirror, and all of my family and friends had cut me out of their life.

Today, I try to be there for the new kids coming into the recovery program. I currently have 2 sponsee’s and am also working on a social enterprise concept that takes people with drug and alcohol problems, and more importantly those with a record, or fresh from prison, and train them in the kitchen. It evolves into helping them launch their own food truck when they are ready