Recovery Hero: Jennifer Candelaria

My name is Jennifer Candelaria and I have been in recovery for 9 months; I am most proud of my determination to get my kids back home to me in such a short amount of time. Not only that but actually completing and benefiting from a program that I have known to be overwhelming and believed to be set-up for failure. There was nothing more challenging than stopping drugs altogether, a low point for me was when I allowed myself to be around people whose agendas were self-seeking and without any moral boundaries. I found myself stooping to the level of drugs and becoming a victim of domestic violence. I lost all kinds of things… thousands of dollars, my paid-off vehicle, my home, my storage units and was literally days from going to court to turn over custody to my parents. MY STORY ISN’T FINISHED YET! I did get back my kids, got us our own 3 bedroom apartment, another vehicle, my driver’s license (with interlock), and so many other blessings along the way. None of this happened by luck, but by withdrawal, desperation, tears, and perseverance!

I have turned in my application to Springs Recovery Connections to Volunteer on some level; I can’t tell you how or where it will fit neatly into my schedule… but, I couldn’t tell you how or where I was gonna find time to really fit sobriety into my schedule either. I just know that as alone as I felt during much of my use, I don’t have to feel that anymore by helping other people find hope, and taking power back, even if it’s our first time doing it together!