Recovery Hero (Behind the Walls): Ramo Thorne

Our peer coaches have been working with the Department of Corrections to offer coaching to inmates at Arrowhead Community Corrections. Meet Ramo Thorne, who is sharing his story from behind the walls.

My name is Ramo Thorne. I have been in recovery for the last 10 years, in and out of prison. I am in Arrowhead Community Corrections and in the T.C. Program for 4 months. I am working on my recovery, this time down in D.O.C. for the last 4 years.

I have completed Leadership, Politics Beyond Prison Walls, Drugs and Alcohol, Anger Management, Victim’s Impact, and Socialization classes in the T.C. Program and the Reimagining Program at Sterling and Arrowhead. I have also been working on my recovery and staying sober. My drugs of choice were heroin, meth, and weed.

In life, I have always had to deal with the drugs around me. Being a gang member, making a name for myself, not caring about anything but myself. It took me to fighting the murder case I got 8 years for that helped change my life. It helped me to wake up and care about myself and others around me, and to stay away from drugs.

Today I am participating in programs and sharing my story with the community to learn from my past. I want to become a peer coach when I get out and help the youth and everyone who can listen and make a change in the world.