Dominic Sandoval, Recovery Hero of the Week!!

My name is Dominic Sandoval and I’ve been sober since July 25, 2020. My greatest accomplishment is being absolutely content with cutting ties with my toxic past and creating a new life for myself. Before I made the choice to stop drinking, I was constantly putting myself in dangerous circumstances, pushing loved ones away, and was on the brink of losing everything I have worked so hard for. I’m a project manager for a construction company, I own a house and have two dogs. These could have all been gone with one bad decision made while drinking. It took visiting my father in the hospital after a weekend binge and him telling me I looked worse than did. I walked out of that room completely ashamed of myself and knew it was time for a change. First step, I accepted the fact that alcohol would never be an option for me. Second step, I started seeing a recovery coach and therapist to get my mind on the right track. Third, I started filling all my free time with positive activities like CrossFit, hiking, incline, my dogs and family. These activities immediately satisfied desire for excess, growth, and comfort. In the last 8 months, they helped me find myself again and kept me moving forward. I have completed the volunteer training at SRC and plan to begin volunteering as soon as my work schedule allows it. I am a positive influence for my peers and supportive to anyone looking to fight their addiction. Sobriety has been the catalyst to all my happiness and success.