Grace Kane

Painting is my refuge. When it’s just me and a canvas, my mind is finally quiet. I stop worrying about explaining my emotions and why …

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Vonder Gray

My sobriety and my art are indelibly entwined. As an abstract expressionist painter, sobriety has enriched the content of my work, making it so much …

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Elise Bergsten

How has my creativity impacted my recovery?  My creativity informs my recovery.  Given free rein, creativity can be a tool to process events of my …

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painting of tree

Ling Sigstedt

I started drinking at 13. Hiding in my room, I invented a world with a rapidograph pen and watercolors, then attended art school in New …

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stone building in taos new mexico


April Artist of the Month at SRC. Before recovery, creativity always felt vulnerable, like I was doing something that wasn’t allowed. When I shot photos, …

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painting of side of lake in fall with ducks in water

Jennifer Centric

I have been a lifelong artist, both drunk and sober. I feared sobriety would ruin my artistry but found that it enhances it. In turn, …

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