Grace Kane

Painting is my refuge. When it’s just me and a canvas, my mind is finally quiet. I stop worrying about explaining my emotions and why I deserve to feel them; I stop trying to find a way to put it all into words while still saving face. In that silence, I am completely present.

Vonder Gray

My sobriety and my art are indelibly entwined. As an abstract expressionist painter, sobriety has enriched the content of my work, making it so much more interesting, colorful and expressive, as it has made my life more interesting, colorful and expressive.   Unearthing the buried treasures of my past and learning to tell the truth, my truth, has allowed…

Elise Bergsten

How has my creativity impacted my recovery?  My creativity informs my recovery.  Given free rein, creativity can be a tool to process events of my life.  It gives me joy.  Allowing my creativity a voice creates my life, co-creates it and re-creates it.  It frees me to walk my own unique path of recovery.