Recovery Hero: Zack B

Recovery Hero of the Week!!!

My name is Zack B and I have been in recovery for 9 months. My biggest accomplishment in this time, is maintaining sobriety and getting a job in the recovery field. (even if it’s temporary) This is something I never thought would be possible. I have also reconnected with my family and completely flipped the script. Prior to my recovery, a low point for me, was a span of about a year when I woke up every day in so much pain and was hurting so bad both physically and emotionally, that I didn’t care whether I lived or died. The only choice I had was to use substances to get through it. Today, I don’t wake up and have to ‘get through’ my days. I enjoy my days, and what I am doing. I have found joy and happiness again. I work with Springs Recovery Connection and do whatever tasks I am asked to do. I find meaning in working with SRC because we focus on helping individuals who are in the same position I was during my struggles. When addiction brought me to my knees, I needed all the help I could get. Now I find meaning in helping similar people. Addiction is a complicated, painful disease that affects almost everyone. It is hard on family, friends, and the addict, so today I stay sober by being of service to all those who are affected by its disastrous nature.