Recovery Hero: Tammy

My name is Tammy Lee! I have been in recovery 4 months! During this time I am very proud that I have been able to regain my mental, physical, and spiritual health as well as have broken generational curses clearing the path for a bright future! At my lowest point I was suffering from severe depression which lead me into my severe alcoholism. I nearly drank myself to death twice within a years time. After leaving the emergency room for the last time knowing that I was hitting rock bottom, I decided enough was enough and it was up to me to fix it and I called Springs Recovery Connection.

Within a week, I was in a sober house. I took this blessing very seriously and did the work to take my life back and this gave me the opportunity to do exactly that! Now it is my turn to give that blessing back to the community and to the world! I am now an intern at Springs Recovery Connection and working to become a Peer Recovery Coach. My heart is full of gratitude for the change in my life!