Recovery Hero: Rebecca Cota

Hello my name is Rebecca Cota and I have been in recovery for 32 years.

The accomplishment I am most proud of in this time was moving out of my dysfunctional comfort zone and gaining confidence in who I am. Being a good mom also makes be proud. I went to South America early in recovery and learned Spanish, now this is a great asset. I have gained much cultural knowledge first hand in helping people with this language. Although most people don’t know it, learning Spanish was directly linked to my recovery.

One of my biggest low points was when my dad died of alcoholism. I lost all hope that things would ever be better for me because the disease had got him. I felt cursed.

Addiction keeps you stuck so you never reach your dreams. I have dreams now, and with recovery as part of my daily life, they are coming true. I have come to know my worth through the struggle to get here. I am also able to help others because I know where they have been but more importantly I also know where they can go because of my own journey. The sky is the limit! Today, I am the CRAFT facilitator at SRC (Yay!), a psychotherapist and life coach in private practice, and by contract with local nonprofits. I can give back by sharing experience, understanding, compassion, strength and hope to victims of domestic violence, and survivors of the family disease alcoholism.