Recovery Hero Mark

My name is Mark and I have been in recovery for 15 years. There have been successes and many failures, but I am most proud of my striving to be a good husband and father. In addition, decision making was never a strong point for me. However, today I have a choice in my priorities and most of the time I choose to engage in the process of learning how to love my family and friends better. 

 I have had many low points in recovery but many more, prolonged low points prior to recovery. The lowest would have to be my most hopeless moment in the last detox I entered. There, I recognized the insanity of my lack of options. When the time of discharge was going to happen, I surrendered my life at that moment in search for a different path in life. Today, I am extremely grateful for my recovery and the gift of hope that I have. I share the reasons for my hope with others and I engage with my community using transparency.