Recovery Hero Kiryn

My name is Kiryn and I have been in recovery for over two and a half years. My most treasured accomplishment in that time has been my change in perspective on life and my self-worth. Prior to my recovery, I did not see myself deserving of a good life and I never thought I could look in the mirror and love who I saw. Everyone would say that my lowest point was when I was hospitalized from a seizure, but truly, my lowest point was the time before my recovery when I truly did not believe I could live a life without substances.

I used harm reduction strategies and approaches to reduce my drinking until I found myself in my addiction and began to build that woman back up until I quit drinking completely. I learned to redefine what life meant to me, what being a woman meant and what being in recovery meant to me. Today, I am inspired by the life I live and spend my time doing things that I love with the people I love. On my off days, I can be found working on a project around the house or yard, traveling with my husband, going to events or festivals or learning about whatever peaks my curiosity. I live with my husband, dog, and three cats and we are expecting our first child in July! I am so overjoyed that I am living a beautiful life and growing a family without the influence of alcohol.