Recovery Hero: Jerrid

He is our Recovery Hero!!!

My name is Jerrid and I have been building a pathway to freedom with the help of my friends at Springs Recovery Connection. I have been clean for six months, two of which, I have been a resident at ComCor.

I am employed, and have the opportunity to work on the bridges that have been consumed by my addiction. It is hard and at times seems impossible. Unlike the feeling of being high and trapped within my own guilt and shame, my options are now healthy and carefully thought out.

I choose to be accountable to my program, family, kids, those who lost hope, and most of all to myself. Because I am a firm believer that we all are built with a purpose, I know SRC was built for me. If obstacles are placed in our path, they were strategically placed there. Your pain doesn’t have to be suffering.

Take the time and invest in your life. Build your plan and escape from yesterday. Embrace the blessing of today. I haven’t got life all figured out, but I know what makes me happy. Now, I have great friends at Springs Recovery that I’m able to share that with