Recovery hero Jeff D

Hello, my name is Jeff D, and I have been in recovery for five years. I am most proud of being able to let go of past definitions and closed-minded perspectives, learning that we can always be braver than we were ever broken.

Before recovery, my low point was getting lost in the cycle of stigma that every recovering alcoholic experiences. Really, every addict, but alcohol is just so present in everyday life, especially after about 20 years in the bar business and as a professional musician. The herd mentality almost demands and encourages the work-hard/play-hard lifestyle to maintain that “street cred.” It is easy to get lost in that false validation.

Today, I am proud to volunteer at The Phoenix and am focused on music and outdoor programs. I am getting creative to show others in recovery all the diverse ways to be alive, thrive, and break free from the stigma. I could not be happier to work at SRC, helping others craft their own path to a better life. What’s most meaningful to me is living by the example that a retired punk rocker and bartender does not have to be defined by their past.