Recovery Hero: Dominique Knowles

Another inspirational Recovery Hero! Thank you so much Dominique for sharing your story with us!

My name is Dominique and I have been in sustained recovery for 2.5 years. Recovery has absolutely been the most rewarding journey I allowed myself to experience, including it’s ups and downs. Active participation in the Colorado Springs recovery community has given me tools to deal with life both on the hard days and the good days….. not many bad days happen, just hard days. In the past couple years, I have been able to regain my hope and faith in life and even greater, I have been able to regain my dignity and self-respect. Today I GET to be a mother, daughter, sister and a friend to my loved ones, I GET to be a worker amongst my peers, I no longer walk in shame, guilt and regret. Just a couple years ago, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of suicide, defeat and I absolutely could not go a day without using drugs and alcohol. My behavior and actions were harmful to myself and those that mattered the most to me, to the point where the state had deemed me irresponsible and didn’t trust me to be a parent or a citizen of society. I was completely hopeless. Today, I have my humanity and am able to lead a life of purpose, hope and grace. Today, I GET to help another person who is battling those demons and show them the same grace that I was given. Today, I am a peer recovery coach and case manager in sustained recovery and I am forever grateful for the love and compassion to those who showed me how to live again.