Recovery Hero : Darin J

When I’m sober, I gain insight I don’t have when I’m high. If I return to my old using behaviors, I know I will relapse. Some days, I do wake up and think about it, but then remind myself how far I’ve come and my desire to get back into trucking. By relapsing, I’d have to start the whole process over again and I don’t want that. I am addressing my religious beliefs in order to internally change. Right now, I can easily say no to drugs, and for a long time I was in denial and thought I could do it by myself. I realize I was not being honest with myself and I really can’t.

I don’t let people come over who ask me to use or want to talk to me about it. I use my sober support skills, activities, and systems in order to push it away and do something else. I run my virtual trucking company, I watch YouTube, and definitely eat healthier sober. My family supports me in this process. I’m not sure about my friends though, I haven’t told them to be honest. My support systems include going to SRC and seeing a peer-recovery coach biweekly to focus on continuing my recovery. I am going to keep doing what I’ve been doing in order to stay sober and sustain my recovery.