Recovery Hero Danny P

Hi, my name is Danny Pedotto and I’ve been in Recovery since Oct. 8th, 2017, which puts me at 5 years! 

Since I’ve gotten clean and sober, I’ve been able to start processing the traumatic experiences that I went through to help me deal with my substance use disorder. I’ve been able to change unhealthy behaviors and transform myself into a productive member of society.

During this time, my biggest accomplishments include obtaining my Peer Recovery Coach certification and becoming a recovery coach at Serenity Recovery Connection, working within the justice department, getting my driver’s license back, and clearing an active warrant in a different state. 

Before recovery I had spent a lifetime in a cycle of sociopathic alcoholic behaviors mixed with intravenous obliteration of myself with other substances. My lowest point was a snowy morning in October while sitting in the back of my late friend, Diggs, truck dumpster diving. I realized that I didn’t want to live that life anymore and that I needed help. I found myself back on the street where I didn’t want to be and that’s where my drug and alcohol use had taken me. 

Recovery has allowed me to show up for my friends, family, and community. I’m coaching others who struggle with SUD, showing up for my girlfriend and her kids, and helping my dad stay sober. I’m a recovery coach, stepdad, dad, son, and friend, and I’m able to show up for my kid in ways that I never could when I was using. By healing myself one day at a time, I get to help others heal.