Recovery Hero: Charlotte Nelson

My name is Charlotte Nelson and I have been in recovery for a little over two years.

Since taking the leap of faith into recovery, I have been able to learn and grow as a person. I graduated college, but most importantly I regained my confidence, love, and sense of purpose in life. I feel am I becoming whom I was meant to be, and I now see life as a journey with endless possibilities.
A low point for me was when I realized I was blind to the hurt I was causing on others. I was at such an emotional low, that I had acknowledged my addiction but didn’t have the strength or willpower to do anything about it. I was just going to accept my faster and faster downhill fall. That’s how powerful of a hold alcohol had on me. I didn’t really know who I was anymore or where I was headed, and I gave up trying to find out. Then one day, my sister came to talk to me. She asked me if I would consider getting help and said it was because “I deserve to be happy”. Her words: “you deserve to be happy”, flipped on a light switch in me. It was an immediate and powerful self-reflection, and at the same time gave me some hope and motivation to reach out for help. Her words still guide me through my recovery journey today.
Today, I live and work in recovery. I have a good support system, a fulfilling job as a Peer Support Specialist, and I volunteer as a recovery coach. I am also seeking to further my education in addiction counseling to help others see that they too deserve to be happy. Life is meant to be meaningful and enjoyable; both of which can be achieved in recovery.