Recovery Hero: Carol Romero

My name is Carol Romero and I’m in my third year of recovery. I’m most astonished about what I’ve learned about myself. In recovery I’ve found the wonder of my true self enlivened by God’s light. I’ve come to find my problems with alcohol don’t define who I am in weakness, yet instead give me tremendous freedom to live each day in the present moment. The gift of living in the present enriches my relationships with family and friends. I love how awake I’ve become and see and hear the beautiful gifts from God every day which I could not see or connect to before this journey. I’ve experienced many low points from my drinking throughout my life but I never fully recognized them because I didn’t understand I was suffering from alcoholism. The most profound low point that influenced me to change happened when I embarked upon a spiritual journey and realized the truth, that I had always used alcohol as a solution in place of God. It was a wake up call for me to understand the spiritual journey is elusive to this drinking solution. I decided to walk away from what I became conscious of, which was hurting me and walk towards fulfillment in happiness and promise. I aspire to live in the truth by celebrating recovery as a gift through both listening and sharing my experience and hope with others. I’ve begun to write about my experience in hopes to connect with more people. And I’m currently working as an intern with Springs Recovery Connection learning about peer recovery coaching. Thus far, it’s been incredible to see how peer recovery coaching helps so many people who wish for support and empowerment to change their own lives for themselves.