Cailean Anderson
Cailean Anderson Recovery Hero The Recovery Hero of the week, Cailean Anderson! Such a great dude whos following the path to recovery. Hello! My name is Cailean Anderson, and I have been in recovery for 3 months. One thing I accomplished during my recovery that I am most proud of would be… Actually, on this question I am really drawing a blank. I guess one thing I am proud of is falling back in love with my craft as a Chef, and learning to handle the stress of the career without turning to drugs or alcohol, really falling back to my roots and learning new things I overlooked before. Prior to my recovery, I would say my lowest point was letting the stress get to me while working as a Chef, and letting that stress fuel my drinking, which went from a couple times a week to multiple times a day, which is something I am not proud of. To give back to my community I have been working with SRC, as well as starting to put together a foundation called Feed The Springs.
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