Recovery Hero Brooke

My name is Brooke, and I have been a person in long-term recovery for 4 years now. My journey was long. I started using illicit substances at the age of 13, but that quickly turned from drinking alcohol and doing cocaine to jumping right into doing Heroin by the age of 15. I found myself in an abusive relationship just like all of the relationships I had seen and had growing up. This relationship was unhealthy, and it fed off my addiction to heroin. I used for many years and continued to use even when I was getting arrested over and over and over again.

Even when it continued to revoke my probation. My lowest point was when my addiction had made my body so weak it started to attack itself and I was paralyzed for two months from the neck down in the hospital. I had to learn how to talk, walk, and everything else in between all over again. When I thought that was my lowest, I still went lower, when I got out of the hospital and was doing at home rehab for my recovery I still continued to use and continued to use until I had run out of options, and it was either jail or rehab. I chose rehab. I had been in detox 3 times before my final time, which is the only time, I made it through the full 5 days and taking Suboxone all the other times I refused because I knew I was going to use again. When I got to rehab it was my second day there and I stated to the counselor running group “I am going to use when I get out” I’ll never forget what she told me “You never know how you’re going to feel when the 21 days is up.

Some people only need 21 days, some people need more. You get to choose if you’re done.” When I got out of rehab, I still continued to take my suboxone and go to therapy. I was only on suboxone for 6 months before choosing to get off of it and try to not be dependent on any substance. My main pathways were Medically Assisted Treatment, Clinical Therapy, and Support Groups. These different supports helped me get where I am today happy, without having to feel like I need to burry my emotions and helping my community, and trying to give back and help others get to a place in their life where they can find their pathway to recovery and happiness. I went from having nothing, and feeling like I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything in my life to getting to help people every day, while going to school so I can help more people.