Recovery Hero Brian

My name is Brian Heintz, I celebrated 10 years alcohol-free on 10/25/12. I am currently in school to become an addiction counselor, and I look forward to getting out into the field and helping others. I am currently in my last class of the program, with just the internship to follow. 

My low point came the last night I drank, and I ended up in the Emergency Room, six months prior had walked away from a relationship that ended because of my words, actions and drinking/using. The night I spent in the ER was a culmination of that, and I left there knowing it was time for a change or there was a good chance the next time I was in the hospital I wouldn’t be leaving. 

As I said I am in school right now to be an Addiction Counselor. Also, I have a recovery blog that I write each day, and post it which has led to a lot of positive conversations with people who have gone or are going through similar experiences that I have had throughout my Recovery.