I’m Ashley, I’ve had an addiction to alcohol on and off in my entire life. The past 3 years it officially took hold of my life and I couldn’t function without it. My life was chaos, losing job after job due to my addiction. I met Carol in the hospital after a severe car accident I was in involving alcohol and I’m still alive by god’s grace, numerous surgeries after being ejected from my vehicle and almost dyeing. Carol helped me come to a realization that I do have a problem, and it was time to seek recovery. Recovery has given me everything back in my life, stronger relationships, stability, and hope. SRC has supported me 100% on my recovery journey, I’m not in this alone. Anyone looking to get into recovery needs to have a level on honesty with themselves, put in the hard work, seek help. Life will drastically improve with one day at a time. I’m currently a dog groomer, getting back into work that I love doing.

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