Recovery Hero Michael

My life before recovery was absolute chaos and disorder. I was homeless with nothing but the clothes on my back. The moment that I sought help, I was left on the streets with nothing but one pair of clothes and in deep psychosis. I was screaming and yelling downtown, then I walked to the police station, and they sent me to the hospital. My recovery has given me everything that I have today. That includes a full and robust life, a car, a roof over my head, a job (two jobs), and I am back in school to be a radiology technician. SRC has allowed me to save up enough money to buy a car by helping me pay my rent as well as getting me a bicycle for starting out and providing me with a great recovery coach! My life is great today, and I’m literally living the dream! I would tell someone looking to recover that it is one step at a time and it is well worth it to change your life. Just take the next right action.