Cherii Fresquez

My name is Cherii Fresquez, I’ve been in recovery for 19 months. My most proud accomplishments during this time are my sobriety, my understanding of self-love, and growth, and that acceptance is key. Learning to genuinely love friends/people that are struggling, show them there is hope. I’ve seen it, and truly believe it.

Prior to Recovery, a low point for me was leaving to battle my addiction, by myself, sitting within my own mind and reflecting on everything. Today, I volunteer, attend church, and I attend pro-social functions through sober living and SRC.

Ways That I Can Improve My Treatment and Recovery:

I believe that responsible living is a promising future and the best way to accomplish goals or tasks is to strive for better results and go get whatever it is that I want to help maintain useful strategies to overcome hard or difficult obstacles that I may face due to my recovery, since I’m pretty fresh into this process. If I expect positive results, I have to put in the work when expected, knowing that it can only get better if I want better. Focusing on my responsibilities will help me manage and sort through my collision course of past and present interests. Being active and aware of my abilities, I know I’m capable of addressing through not only one but many ways to relieve my anxieties, stress, suppressed feelings, that I feel are relevant to addressing when in a less controlled environment. Introductions that come my way are beginning to help release the feeling that someone is just being nosey and wanting what they can’t ask for or have in modest and honest way, but who am I to say. So, they have to intrude on my thoughts and lurk in my space that God gifted me with. Assuming their timing is appropriate, and go ahead and shove these papers and questions on me hoping for the correct response but are there really any? I guess my lack comes into play when they need a want from me.

Cognitive Therapy, I believe, isn’t always for everyone to see or express when told to. If I’ve already dealt with emotional issues due to my instabilities when I have felt the need to release that raw emotion. Impulsivity means an instant impulse if that’s even a thing. Constantly having to rehearse and replay improper acknowledgements that I don’t fully remember exercising or experiencing is therapy, I believe. It is helpful in moving forward to follow through with unexpected results for who’s desire? Correcting distorted thinking is changing my oppositional defiant behavior slowly. Learning new characteristics in order to refrain from delayed and abnormal development by erudite difficulties and by problems in social adjustment – something I am adjusting to, never given much time, thus the lack of interest on my part, knowing that the potential and wisdom was somewhere inside of me. I didn’t want my ego to run away with itself, getting too caught up in what’s wrong with me than what’s right inside of me, acknowledging that there is possibly more good than bad.

If I am not learning from my mistakes that have taken place, there is no room for service and growth. My past actions and decisions I’ve made, whether I was under any kind of influence or not, the lack of substances did play into a lot of things that resulted in a maladaptive way.

Correcting the past isn’t a goal, but fixing where I’m lacking is a hopeful short-term goal. Expressing myself, reasoning with my emotions isn’t something I do or ever have done, not this way at least. My thoughts compared to my actions are none to say the least. Operating my self intellect is this new hobby that I’m trying out plus many amongst my Recovery, from recoveries of a troubled and confused adolescent to a mature and well-adjusted, unique individual that just may be able to acclimate in a community outside of these walls under regulation (“run on entries”). I shouldn’t have to feel that every conversation I have is an interrogation to incriminate myself more, or an overall judgment of my current me. Where I am now, is nothing compared to what my future holds!