Sober Living Indexes and Information


SRC’s Sober Living Index is made-up of three directories that separate the programs by Carr Certification Status, County, and Gender.

A 2nd Chance Recovery Homes- (719) 465-6542 

  • Description: transitional housing provides residents with a safe, supportive environment based on the 12 steps of recovery. AA,NA,CMA,HA & Celebrate Recovery. Learn tools for a new way of living without drugs or alcohol. The goal is to give back that which was freely given within the rooms of AA.  

  • Services Provided: Peer coaching available, Alcohol & drug-free social activities, Living skills, Overnight visits with children.  

Eudaimonia Sober Living- (719) 941-8097 or (888) 426-4565  

  • Description: Accountable living environment with structured scheduling to help residents maintain a sober lifestyle on their own. Certain insurance may be accepted.  

  • Services Provided: Enables the 12-Step program in a structured, safe, clean and spiritual atmosphere.

  • CARR Certified Home 

Gospel Homes for Women Sober Living (Women’s House)- 719-291-3406  

  • Description: Christian Faith-Based ministry that provides faith-based sober living homes for homeless, the abused, or previously incarcerated women  

  • Services Provided: Supportive spiritual community through mentorship, bible studies, and assistance with financial health and goal-setting.   

  • CARR Certified Home 

Grit Grounds Sober Living- (719) 280-3013 
Link to brochure: 

  • Description: provide a comprehensive & established system of care in residence for substance abuse & mental health participants.  

  • Services Provided: Curriculum is built around structure, support, and involvement in a 12-step program. Offer an ethical and compassionate approach to helping all clients succeed in living sober.

  • CARR Provisional Certified Home 

Hazelbrook Sober Living-(303) 800-7009 

  • Description- Award-winning quality and affordable sober living program in the Denver Metro area of Colorado and Colorado Springs. All homes are located within walking distance of bus stops, grocery stores, AA/NA meetings 

  • Services Provided: Operate five men’s homes and two women’s homes, 12 Step and non-12 Step programs, peer recovery coaching, bible studies, specialized recovery groups, and individualized treatment plans

  • CARR Certified Home 

Homeward Pikes Peak 

Harbor House Recovery Home – Daniel Jones (719) 761-6875 or Evan Mahaffey (719) 209-2475 

  • Description: 1 year structured sober living for motivated men. Open to any form of referral, including self-referrals. 

  • Services Provided: gender-specific treatments, individualized treatment plan, transportation support, child care assistance, assessment of clinical needs, individualized and group treatments, couples and family counseling

Project Detour – Kristi Jackson (719) 499-5137

      • Description: 1 year structured sober living for single, pregnant, and women with children under the age of 1 year old.  Referral by DHS, Recovery, Drug Heals, or Family court only.

      • CARR Certified Home 

Ithaka Land Trust- (719) 578-1629

  • Description: transitional and permanent affordable housing for those desiring a sober-living home; those struggling with mental illness; individuals on parole or probation; people fleeing domestic violence or abuse; and those living in emergency shelters, in their cars, or on the street.   

  • Services Provided: 125 residents, two hospitality houses, two apartment buildings, two four-unit buildings, and fifteen houses.   

Next Chapter Transitional Housing Sober Living-(719) 460-2069  

  • Description: sober living home for females over the age of 18 who want to live in a supportive drug and alcohol-free environment to start their road to recovery, Total of ten beds  

  • Services Provided: visitation with children is permitted. Program length is dependent on the participant; however, their goal is a two-year stay at most.   

  • CARR Provisional Certified Home 

Oxford House Inc- Sober Living/ Group Homes 
23 Locations in Colorado Springs   

  • Description: Collective of 2,000+ residences worldwide offering a community-based approach to addiction recovery. Each house is autonomous, democratically run by the residents alone, and fully self-supporting.    

  • Services: Locations for men, women, and locations that accept women with children. Not a rehab center or a program. Democratically ran BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE fully furnished sober living homes. 

*Please visit for more information and FAQ.    

Pikes Peak Sober Living- 719-201-2669, 719-502-1154    

  • Description: structured sober living homes based around the twelve steps for addicts and alcoholics who want a new way of life   

  • Services Provided: assistance offered by on-site managers committed to twelve-step programs, rigid structure, and mutual support provide the necessary atmosphere to develop stability, accountability, and self-sufficiency.   

Sunrise Serenity-(719)-358-3750 

  • Description: Provides safe and sober shared housing for men and women in a safe location. Rooms are shared or private. The houses requires 12-step meetings, household duties, and meetings and has a zero-tolerance policy. One men’s location- Pinehouse, and one women’s location-Norwood House 

  • Services Provided: Job Coaching

  • Medicaid is not currently accepted, but vouchers and other assistance is available 

Methadone and Suboxone Friendly Housing:

  1. All Oxford Houses.

  2. A 2nd Chance Recovery-719-465-6542


    • Methadone is administered on the property, and Sublocade(intravenous buprenorphine) *buprenorphine tablets/strips are not permitted. 

  3. Sunrise Serenity-719-358-3750

    • Sublocade(intravenous buprenorphine) is permitted if administered professionally off-site *methadone and buprenorphine tablets/strips are not permitted 

  4. Homeward Pikes Peak- 719-464-0307

    • MAT recipients are accepted

  5. Shore/Bijou Ithica Land (Sarah- 719-941-8097) – Has to be administered off-site
  6. Eudominia- (719-941-8097) – Has to be administered off-site

  7. My Brother’s Keeper (Rob- 719-306-6831) Case by case situation. 

  8. Grit Grounds (Molly 619-244-6188) Some restrictions appl

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