Sober Living

“A sober living house is a peer-managed home designed to help people maintain sobriety.  This is achieved through required sobriety, recovery group attendance, and household participation. Those who live in these houses rent rooms indefinitely and live a life in accordance with their responsibilities, like work and school.” –

CARR Certificatied Homes updated June.2023

Sober Living Homes

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A 2nd Chance Recovery Homes- (719) 465-6542

  • Description: transitional housing provides residents with a safe, supportive environment based on the 12 steps of recovery. AA,NA,CMA,HA & Celebrate Recovery. Learn tools for a new way of living without drugs or alcohol. The goal is to give back that which was freely given within the rooms of AA.
  • Services Provided: Peer coaching available, Alcohol & drug-free social activities, Living skills, Overnight visits with children.


All-In Halfway- (719) 661-9778

Chance Homes, Colorado Springs, (917) 405-8990

Eudaimonia Sober Living- (719) 941-8097 or (888) 426-4565

  • Description: Accountable living environment with structured scheduling to help residents maintain a sober lifestyle on their own. Certain insurance may be accepted.
  • Services Provided: Enables the 12-Step program in a structured, safe, clean and spiritual atmosphere.
  • CARR Certified Home

Gospel Homes for Women Sober Living (Women’s House)- 719-291-3406

  • Description: Christian Faith-Based ministry that provides faith-based sober living homes for homeless, the abused, or previously incarcerated women
  • Services Provided: Supportive spiritual community through mentorship, bible studies, and financial health and goal-setting assistance.
  • CARR Certified Home

Grit Grounds Sober Living- (719) 280-3013
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  • Description: provide a comprehensive & established system of care in residence for substance abuse & mental health participants.
  • Services Provided: Curriculum is built around structure, support, and involvement in a 12-step program. Offer an ethical and compassionate approach to helping all clients succeed in living sober.
  • CARR Provisional Certified Home

Hazelbrook Sober Living-(303) 800-7009

  • Description- Award-winning quality and affordable sober living program in the Denver Metro area of Colorado and Colorado Springs. All homes are located within walking distance of bus stops, grocery stores, AA/NA meetings
  • Services Provided: Operate five men’s homes and two women’s homes, 12 Step and non-12 Step programs, peer recovery coaching, bible studies, specialized recovery groups, and individualized treatment plans
  • CARR Certified Home

Homeward Pikes Peak- Harbor House, Project Detour

Harbor House Recovery Home – (719) 761-6875 /(719) 209-2475

  • Description: 1-year structured sober living for motivated men. Open to any form of referral, including self-referrals.
  • Services Provided: gender-specific treatments, individualized treatment plan, transportation support, child care assistance, assessment of clinical needs, individualized and group treatments, couples and family counseling

 Project Detour – (719) 499-5137

  • Description: 1-year structured sober living for single, pregnant, and women with children under 1 year old. Referral by DHS, Recovery, Drug Heals, or Family court only.
  • CARR Certified Home

Ithaka Land Trust- (719) 578-1629

  • Description: transitional and permanent affordable housing for those desiring a sober-living home; those are struggling with mental illness; individuals on parole or probation; people fleeing domestic violence or abuse; and those living in emergency shelters, in their cars, or on the street.
  • Services Provided: 125 residents, two hospitality houses, two apartment buildings, two four-unit buildings, and fifteen houses.

Next Chapter Transitional Housing Sober Living(719)246-4947/(719)930-6811

  • Description: sober living home for females over the age of 18 who want to live in a supportive drug and alcohol-free environment to start their road to recovery, Total of ten beds
  • Services Provided: visitation with children is permitted. Program length depends on the participant; however, their goal is a two-year stay at most.
  • CARR Provisional Certified Home=

Oxford House Inc- Sober Living/ Group Homes
23 Locations in Colorado Springs

  • Description: Collective of 2,000+ residences worldwide offering a community-based approach to addiction recovery. Each house is autonomous, democratically run by the residents alone, and fully self-supporting.
  • Services: Locations for men, women and locations that accept women with children. Not a rehab center or a program. Democratically ran BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE fully furnished sober living homes.

*Please visit for more information and FAQ.

 Pikes Peak Sober Living- 719-201-2669, 719-502-1154

  • Description: structured sober living homes based around the twelve steps for addicts and alcoholics who want a new way of life
  • Services Provided: assistance offered by on-site managers committed to twelve-step programs, rigid structure, and mutual support provide the necessary atmosphere to develop stability, accountability, and self-sufficiency.

 Rocky Mountain Sober Living-(719) 357-6529

  • Description: Offers a structured, supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery. “We offer a place to feel human again, establish a disciplined life, and regain and maintain a strong program of recovery, all while experiencing the relational support necessary to sustain a sober existence.”

SPERO/David’s House-(303) 351-7888

  • Description: Provides clients with upscale amenities and personalized comfort while addressing the complex emotional issues of recovery as it applies to substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling addiction, and even co-occurring disorders.

 Sunrise Serenity-(719)-358-3750

  • Description: Provides safe and sober shared housing for men and women in a safe location. Rooms are shared or private. The houses requires 12-step meetings, household duties, and meetings and has a zero-tolerance policy. One men’s location- Pinehouse, and one women’s location-Norwood House
  • Services Provided: Job Coaching
  • Medicaid is not currently accepted, but vouchers and other assistance is available


Methadone and Suboxone-Friendly Housing:

  • All Oxford Houses
  • A 2nd Chance Recovery
    • Methadone is administered on the property, and Sublocade(intravenous buprenorphine) *buprenorphine tablets/strips are not permitted.
  • Sunrise Serenity
    • Sublocade(intravenous buprenorphine) is permitted if administered professionally off-site *methadone and buprenorphine tablets/strips are not permitted
  • Homeward Pikes Peak
  • Next Chapter Transitional Housing Sober Living
  • Shore/Bijou Ithica Land– Has to be administered off-site
  • Eudominia-Has to be administered off-site
  • My Brother’s Keeper- Case by case situation.
  • Grit Grounds-Some restrictions apply
  • Gospel Homes for women


CARR Certified Sober Living Homes- Colorado Springs, CO.
A 2nd Chance Recovery Homes (719) 217-4383
All-In Halfway (719) 661-9778  
Chance Homes (917) 405-8990
Embark Recovery Housing (800) 604-8978
Emersyn House (443) 821-1494
Eudaimonia Recovery Homes (888) 424-4029
GatewayMAT (719) 209-3749  
Gospel Homes for Women (719) 633-5079
Grit Grounds (719) 280-3013
Homeward Pikes Peak (719) 473-5557
Hope is Alive
Next Chapter (719) 930-6811
Rocky Mountain Sober Living (719) 357-6529
Sunrise Serenity Homes (719) 358-3750  
CARR Certified Sober Living Programs- Colorado Springs
Program NameContact NumberWebsite 
A 2nd Chance Recovery Homes(719) 217-4383
All-In Halfway(719) 661-9778 
Chance Homes(917) 405-8990 
Embark Recovery Housing(800) 604-8978
Emersyn House(443) 821-1494
Eudaimonia Recovery Homes(888) 424-4029
GatewayMAT(719) 209-3749 
Gospel Homes for Women(719) 633-5079
Grit Grounds(719) 280-3013
Homeward Pikes Peak(719) 473-5557
Hope is Alive
Next Chapter(719) 930-6811
Rocky Mountain Sober Living(719) 357-6529
Sunrise Serenity Homes(719) 358-3750 
CARR Certified Sober Living Programs- Statewide  
Program NameLocationWebsite Contact Number
Empower RecoveryArvada 530-9809
Jefferson CenterArvada 425-0300
Lotus LodgeArvada 551-1610
Aurora Sober LivingAurora 339-6947
Carla Vista Sober LivingAurora 612-0296
Em’s House FoundationAurora 593-9090
Front Range Sober LivingAurora 309-0494
Helpful Heart HouseAurora 522-8364
Homes With HeartAurora 282-0212
New Hope Sober LivingAurora 880-0075
RAD RecoveryAurora 638-5467
Satori Sober LivingAurora 349-9800
Stride Sober LivingAurora 905-9580
Sunrise Serenity HomesAurora (719) 358-3750
Temperance Sober LivingAurora 507-6858
Transitions Sober LivingAurora 501-6500
Matt Dangel’s HouseCanon City 602-4650
All About Recovery IncDenver 877-5091
Ananeo ColoradoDenver 224-8928
Gail’s PlaceDenver 602-2742
Mile High Sober LivingDenver 445-5729
Mobarez SolutionsDenver 628-8665
Mountain West RecoveryDenver 288-0450
Northstar Sober LivingDenver 407-2240
PromisesDenver 815-6394
The Salvation Army/Harbor LightDenver 305-5670
Summit HealingDenver 876-1077
Authentic Recovery HomesDenver 766-9093
All Points North Recovery ResidencesEdwards 510-4585
Purpose House Sober LivingFort Collins 889-3155
Centennial Mental HealthFort Morgan 522-4549
Amos Supportive HousingGrand Junction 778-4360
A Step UPGrand Junction (480) 819-9114
North Range Behavioral HealthGreeley 347-2120
Just LivingLakewood 408-8702
Mary’s Hope Sober HomesLakewood 473-7105
Pathfinders Recovery CenterLakewood 275-0079
Red Rock Recovery Center ColoradoLakewood 908-0071
Route 2 RecoveryLakewood 422-0492
Sophrosyne Sober LivingLakewood 598-2960
Unity Sober LivingLakewood 682-6152
Lamar Transitional LivingLamar (719) 336-0650
Heart Mind HavenLittleton 578-0226
CREW Sober LivingNorthglenn 722-5311
Step SevenParker 840-0006
Crossroads Turning PointsPueblo 304-3758
Travis HouseSteamboat 846-6451
Threshold to RecoveryWestminster 458-8090
Multiple Locations 
Zen Mountain Sober LivingAurora, Centennial 515-3299
Hazelbrook Sober LivingAurora, Denver 800-7009
House of RAHAB/The Don’t Look Back CenterAurora, Denver 638-8397
Tribe Recovery HomesAurora, Denver 608-7423
Elevate Recovery HomesCentennial, Englewood, Westminster 608-5875
Valiant LivingCentennial, Foxfield, Highlands Ranch 669-1285
Spero Sober Living HomesDenver, Lakewood, Littleton 736-2545
Monarch Sober Living HomesDenver, Lakewood, Wheatridge 835-1545
I Am – RecoveryDenver, Littleton 888-0043
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