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Harm Reduction approaches help reduce certain health and safety issues associated with drug use. harm reduction was created by and for people who use drugs to improve health and wellbeing, including during active drug use..
Forms of harm reduction include moderation management.
Harm reduction supplies include syringe kits, fentanyl strips ,and Narcan


Medication-Assisted Recovery-MAR- (formerly called medication-assisted treatment-MAT) is the use of prescription medication including buprenorphine and methadone in combination with therapy to treat chemical dependencies including opioid dependence.
MAR can also be used to treat stimulant dependence.

Organizations Providing Harm Reduction Supplies

Access Point – Colorado Springs -(719) 578-9092  
875 W Moreno Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80905   
CHN’s Syringe Access Programs (SAP) is an anonymous program that offers sterile syringes and injection equipment, wound care kits, Naloxone, and other supplies at no cost for individuals who need them. No identification is required beyond client initials. SAP is a harm reduction service implemented to reduce the spread of HIV, HCV and other infections. Fridays from 10am-12pm and 1:30pm-4pm   
Denver- (303) 837-0166 
Fort Collins- (970) 484-4469 
Grand Junction- (970) 243-2437 
Pueblo- (719) 621-1105 

Love Alive- 719-283-6197 
2230 W Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80904 

Love Alive was created as a direct response to the alarming and heartbreaking overdose rates in El Paso County, Colorado. This community-based initiative is rooted in community support, harm reduction, and the belief that all people deserve to live happy, healthy, and autonomous lives. Love Alive conducts overdose prevention and Narcan trainings with small businesses, service organizations, and providers in Colorado Springs  

Southern Colorado Harm Reduction Association– (719) 289-7149  

1249 East Routt Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004 US  
Syringe Access-Saturdays 12pm-4pm 

Offer a variety of services including  Acudetox, Narcan distribution, Fentanyl test strips, Clothing, SNAP program sign up, HIV/Hep C testing and Peer Support Services 

Harm Reduction Support

Better Safe-https://srchope.org/better-safe-harm-reduction/

Better Safe is comprised of two separate groups, an online introduction to harm reduction and moderation management with pertinent safety information, resources for emergencies and how to get support for those pathways, and an in-person meeting designed for those in active use who are taking/have taken the introduction and are looking for a place to discuss their journey and receive non-judgmental support.

High Rockies Harm Reduction
Combatting overdose deaths, the spread of infectious disease, economic costs and other negative consequences of substance use in rural Colorado through the expansion of evidence-based, harm reduction programing and peer support services.

Keep The Party Safe 

The Keep The Party Safe website and campaign educate Coloradans on how to recognize when someone is experiencing an overdose, administer a naloxone rescue, and check drugs to see if fentanyl is present. When used properly, fentanyl test strips are reliable and can be an important step to take. Test strips can be found online, via syringe access programs, and Denver residents can order them directly from the county for free. 

 Moderation Management 


Moderation Management is a recovery program designed to help people enjoy a healthier relationship with alcohol. Unlike other recovery groups, Moderation Management is not focused on total sobriety. Instead, their goal is to help members achieve success by learning to enjoy alcohol in moderation. 

The Moderation Management community offers in-person meetings and chat groups, support forums, and even groups on social media platforms like Facebook. 

Never Use Alone 
Call 1 (800) 484-3731 to speak with a trained Harm Reductionists when you are about to use a substance alone. 


Achieve Whole Recovery -(719) 373-9703  
1115 Elkton Dr. #300. Colorado Springs, CO.  80907  
Mental health and addiction clinic in Colorado Springs that provides medication-assisted treatment, psychiatry, and therapy for both mental health and addiction. AWR operates within a team environment that includes psychiatrists, physician assistants, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers, and therapists. Outpatient services are offered for people struggling with addiction to alcohol, opioids, amphetamines, and other chemical substances of abuse.  Vivitrol, Sublocade (Suboxone shot), and Suboxone treatment are provided.  
Same day walk-in appointments available for substance abuse patients Monday- Friday from 9-11am; 1-4:45pm  
*Most insurance accepted INCLUDING MEDICAID & MEDICARE.  
BHG Treatment Center- Colorado Springs- (719) 598-9750  
4157 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs CO 80907  
Behavioral Health Group (BHG) treatment centers provide treatment in an outpatient setting. Regular counseling sessions and doctor visits are cornerstones to all programs. Certain programs require on-site administration of medication. The frequency of on-site dosing is determined by federal and state regulations, direction from the doctor with input from the treatment team, and the achievement of recovery milestones by the patient. This location solely provides methadone. Call 844-535-7291 to schedule a consultation.  
Same day walk-in appointments available Monday- Friday from 6:00am-7:30am 
*Most insurance accepted INCLUDING MEDICAID & MEDICARE.  
Front Range Clinic- (719) 419-7735 
1861 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80907  
Front Range Clinic takes an evidence-based and unique approach to drug addiction treatment and addiction medicine. Whether the substance being used is alcohol, prescription pills, heroin, or meth, we will try to help you. Our clinic is built on a culture of compassion, and we take pride in the judgment-free spaces that we have built for our clients. We believe in access to up-to-date care and treatment and have gone to great lengths to reduce the barriers to this care and drug treatment. Vivitrol, Sublocade (Suboxone shot), and Suboxone treatment provided. While walk-ins are accepted, it is best to call and schedule an appointment beforehand.  
*Most insurance accepted INCLUDING MEDICAID & MEDICARE  
Ascent Health- (719) 633-5298  
2608 Palmer Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, co  
Ascent Health provides affordable and comprehensive outpatient treatment for those suffering with opiate type substance use disorder. Staff is dedicated to addressing the underlying causes of addiction with the latest research-supported methods, counseling, MAT services, and medication management.  
*Most insurance accepted INCLUDING MEDICAID & MEDICARE. 
Colorado Treatment Services  
5360 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80918 -(719) 434-2031  
2010 E. Bijou Street Colorado Springs, CO – 80909-(719) 434-2061 
Colorado Treatment Services is an outpatient treatment facility that focuses on bettering the lives of those struggling with opioid addiction. Methadone and suboxone treatments are available in conjunction with counseling and support groups.  
Same day walk-in appointments available Monday- Friday from 5:00am-10:00am 
*Most insurance accepted INCLUDING MEDICAID & MEDICARE.  
Denver Recovery Group–Colorado Springs-(719) 300-7021  
2531 Airport Road, Colorado Springs CO 80910  
Denver Recovery Group is an opioid treatment center that provides medication assisted treatment (MAT) to individuals in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder. MAT services include methadone, suboxone, and vivitrol.  Call 720-616-0049 to schedule an intake. Walk-in patients are encouraged to arrive before 8:00am on Tuesday and Thursday to begin the intake process.  
Milestone Psychiatry-(719) 465-2819 
Milestone Psychiatry is a Veteran owned and operated, family-centered psychiatric clinic. Six board certified practitioners provide medication management for children age 4 and above, adolescents, and adults of all ages. Milestone Psychiatry offers medication assisted treatment for people struggling with addiction to alcohol, opiates, and amphetamines.  
Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. 
*Most insurance accepted INCLUDING MEDICAID & MEDICARE.  
Recovery Delivered- (866) 757-9868  
Medication Assisted Treatment through telemedicine and medication home delivery.-Opioid detox, Naltrexone, Campral, Antabuse, Suboxone, Vivitrol  
Cost: $75/visit includes the price of your virtual meeting with one of their licensed providers.  For those with insurance, your insurance should cover drug testing at a local lab as well as medication.  For those without insurance, their home delivered drug testing is $10/test sent out 4 at a time.  
Recovery Unlimited-(719) 358-7338 
1702 E Pikes Peak Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80909 
Evidence-based outpatient treatment and detoxification services for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Its personalized treatment plans incorporate medication-assisted therapy; individual, group, and family therapy; yoga therapy, 12-step treatment, drug screenings, parental coaching, and more. 
Springbok Health-(719) 766-8511  
1318 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs CO 80904  
Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, & nurses dedicated to helping others overcome their behavioral health difficulties and substance abuse issues- Vivitrol, opioid detox, Methamphetamine Medication Assisted Treatment. “At Springbok Health, we believe that we should be responsive to the healthcare needs of our communities and should direct our resources to meet those needs. PMHNP – BCs treatment includes positive partnerships with the individuals they serve, medication management, counseling, preventative healthcare, education and a high satisfactory experience.”  
Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. 
*Most insurance accepted INCLUDING MEDICAID & MEDICARE.  
Vivitrol Providers in Colorado Springs 
Achieve Whole Recovery -(719) 373-9703  
Denver Recovery Group–Colorado Springs-(719) 300-7021  
Front Range Clinic-(719) 7735 12qa1q21q  
Gateway to Success-(719) 374-1650  
Mentally Strong-(719) 493-9555  
Milestone Psychiatry-(719) 465-2819  
Recovery Unlimited-(719) 358-7338  
Springbok Health-(719) 766-8511  
For a list of MAT Programs that accept Medicaid/Medicare across Colorado, visit https://bha.colorado.gov/behavioral-health/opioid-treatment-programs to use the Program Locator tool   

Free Medicaid Transportation

Medicaid has partnered with transportation services throughout Colorado to provide Medicaid patients a no cost option to get to and from MAT appointments   
Blue Skies Transportation -(719)-357-9070   
Envida -(719)-633-4677   
Kador Transportation-(719) 470-0277  
Medride -(719)-545-3333   
Transit to Care -(719) 644-6005   
Z-Trip – COS -(719) 766-4567   
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