Medical and Non-Medical/Social Detox


Detoxification:  helps people safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol until the substances are no longer present in their system. It is often the first step in treating individuals recovering from moderate to severe forms of addiction.  

Medically Assisted Detox: In some cases, detoxing from certain drugs requires medication-assisted therapy to help ease the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Medications prescribed during detox are often tapered down until the patient is no longer physically dependent on addictive substances.  

Non-Medically Assisted AKA “Social Detox”: Social detox is a viable option for patients whose withdrawal process is deemed manageable without medical intervention. It can be a very effective way to begin the recovery process for people who aren’t at risk of developing life-threatening withdrawal symptoms like seizures or severe dehydration.    

Medically Assisted Detox Facilities

Cedar Springs Hospital-719-633-4114
Provides inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment, as well as medical detoxification.  
*Medicaid/Medicare Insurance Accepted  

Denver Springs- 720-643-4300  
8835 American Way. Englewood, CO 80112  
*Medicaid/Medicare Insurance Accepted  

Mountain Springs Recovery- (877) 326-0467  
1865 Woodmor Monument, CO 80132  

Pathfinders- (866) 263-1847
2953 S Peoria St. Suite 230 Aurora, CO 80014 

Peaks Recovery Centers- (855) 952-1170  
2270 La Montana Way Colorado Springs, CO 80918  

Peak View Behavioral Health-719-444-8484  
7353 Sisters Grove, Colorado Springs, CO 80923  
*Medicaid/Medicare Insurance Accepted  

Recovery Village Palmer Lake-719-884-0063  
443 South Highway 105, Palmer Lake CO, 80133  

Sandstone Care Detox Center (719) 249-3545  
2102 University Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918  

Non-Medical/Social Detox

Crossroads Turning Point – (719) 203-6550, 1(800) 304-3758  
1026 Maxwell Street Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (Colorado Springs, CO)  
Detox medications including suboxone are not given by Crossroads for the withdrawal process, if client has emergency medical needs, they will be referred elsewhere  

Region Six Alcohol and Drug Abuse (RESADA)-719-456-2600 
11000 Road GG 5 , Las Animas, CO, 81054

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