My name is Vanessa and I have been in recovery since Feb 11, 2017. I am most proud of becoming the mother my two daughters deserve. In addiction, I only cared about getting high. Now that I am clean, I can be an attentive and loving mother, sister, daughter and friend. Nothing can undo the things I did, but being sober has allowed me to make amends in my relationships and move forward, strengthening the bond between myself and my loved ones. A low point for me was January 2017. I weighed 87 lbs and I suffered from multiple physical ailments. I was knocking on death’s door– and still wanted to chase the high. I abandoned not only my family, friends and daughter, but myself as well. Today, I am a proud domestic violence and addiction survivor. I give back to my community by serving as a recovery coach at the Springs Recovery Connection. I can share my experience with others and show them that recovery is possible.

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