CRAFT Community Reinforcement and Family Training

Recovery is for Families

Springs Recovery Connection’s CRAFT Support Program is for family members and friends concerned about someone close to them who lives with a substance use disorder.  The Community Reinforcement and Family Training approach (CRAFT) is an evidence-based, compassionate, and effective approach for engaging a reluctant loved one into treatment.  Family members learn strategies to take care of themselves while also increasing the motivation for positive change in their love ones.

Springs Recovery Connection provides a CRAFT Family Support Group as a program for family members and friends.  A workbook is available to all CRAFT participants and gives specific instruction for the evidence-based CRAFT model following the  “Get Your Loved One Sober” book by Dr. Robert Meyers.

4 Goals of CRAFT

  Reduce loved one’s harmful substance use
  Engage loved one into treatment
  Improve relationships in the family
  Improve functioning of concerned significant other

Why use CRAFT?
  All groups are peer-run by trained facilitators with lived experience
  Empowers you to influence change
  Trains you in behavior change skills
  Improves your quality of life
  Prepares you for your loved one’s treatment engagement

When an individual has a substance use disorder, the whole family is impacted.

Together we can overcome the stigma around substance use disorders and bring hope, encouragement and help to all families who are suffering and need support through a proven approach that can benefit both the substance user and the family members.

Springs Recovery Connection’s mission is to strengthen the recovery community through peer and family support, public education and advocacy.  We believe there are many roads to recovery.

Thursdays (In Person)
(Bilingual / Spanish Available)

Wednesdays (ZOOM)
(Bilingual / Spanish Available)

Contact Angie Neeley, Family Advocate
[email protected]

CRAFT Family Education Program

Families for Recovery: This group meets Thursday evenings from 6:30pm- 8:00pm. This is a facilitator led group. This allows us to delve more deeply into recovery. This group is for family and friends of those suffering with substance use disorder.

Do you have a family member or friend in recovery or needing recovery? 
So do we!

  We support each other to health
  We listen
  We care
  We encourage
  We comfort
  We learn
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