Manny standing in front of colorful artwork

Recovery Hero Manny Mendez!!

My name is Manny Mendez and I have been in recovery for 9 years and 2 months! I came from a hopeless state of mind …

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Maggie standing by doorway

Recovery Hero: Maggie Williams

My name is Maggie Williams and I have been in recovery 6 years! In those 6 years I have regained the love and trust of …

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Amber girl with brown hair in white sweater

Recovery Hero: Amber Gobell

My name is Amber Gobell and I have been clean for 4 years and 8 months. My clean date is 7/20/16. I am most proud …

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two people outside

Recovery Hero: Rob Decker

Hi, my name is Rob Decker. I just got 8 years of sobriety as of January 8th! I’m so proud of all I have accomplished. …

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chris man in sweater and checkered shirt

Recovery Hero: Chris

My name is Chris, I’m 31yrs old. I was born in Chicago, IL. I’ve been in recovery since 2017. The one thing that I’m most …

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carol romero outside in pink shirt

Recovery Hero: Carol Romero

My name is Carol Romero and I’m in my third year of recovery. I’m most astonished about what I’ve learned about myself. In recovery I’ve …

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pat guy with glasses standing in kitchen

Recovery Hero: Patrick Gates

Hi, my name is Patrick Gates and I have been in recovery for three years. I am most proud of getting my family back and …

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Barbara Summerville image

Recovery Hero: Barbara

Hi, my name is Barbara . I am a person in long term recovery. I have been sober and drug free for 33 years. I …

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jerrid and woman standing outside

Recovery Hero: Jerrid

He is our Recovery Hero!!! My name is Jerrid and I have been building a pathway to freedom with the help of my friends at …

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guy in white hat with gotee

Recovery Hero: Tommy Graves

Recovery Hero of the week! Hello, my name is Tommy Graves and I just celebrated 6 months clean and sober! I have been in and …

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susan woman with short brown hair in front on mountains

Recovery Hero: Susan Petrucci!!!!!

Hello my name is Susan Petrucci and I have been in recovery for 14 months. Today the thing I am most proud of is loving …

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Zach wearing a beanie hat

Recovery Hero: Zack B

Recovery Hero of the Week!!! My name is Zack B and I have been in recovery for 9 months. My biggest accomplishment in this time, …

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