woman with brown hair jessica townley

Recovery Hero: Jessica Townley

My name is Jessica Townley and I have been in recovery since October 31st, 2009. Recovery has brought so many blessings to my life. I ...
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Dom guy with short brown hair and black shirt

Dominic Sandoval, Recovery Hero of the Week!!

My name is Dominic Sandoval and I’ve been sober since July 25, 2020. My greatest accomplishment is being absolutely content with cutting ties with my ...
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girl with orange curly hair and glasses

Recovery Hero Natasha Hill!!!

Hi, my name is Natasha Hill. I have been in recovery since November 27, 2019, a total of 16 months and 5 days. I have ...
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stone building in taos new mexico


April Artist of the Month at SRC. Before recovery, creativity always felt vulnerable, like I was doing something that wasn’t allowed. When I shot photos, ...
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Manny standing in front of colorful artwork

Recovery Hero Manny Mendez!!

My name is Manny Mendez and I have been in recovery for 9 years and 2 months! I came from a hopeless state of mind ...
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Maggie standing by doorway

Recovery Hero: Maggie Williams

My name is Maggie Williams and I have been in recovery 6 years! In those 6 years I have regained the love and trust of ...
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Amber girl with brown hair in white sweater

Recovery Hero: Amber Gobell

My name is Amber Gobell and I have been clean for 4 years and 8 months. My clean date is 7/20/16. I am most proud ...
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two people outside

Recovery Hero: Rob Decker

Hi, my name is Rob Decker. I just got 8 years of sobriety as of January 8th! I’m so proud of all I have accomplished. ...
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chris man in sweater and checkered shirt

Recovery Hero: Chris

My name is Chris, I’m 31yrs old. I was born in Chicago, IL. I’ve been in recovery since 2017. The one thing that I’m most ...
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painting of side of lake in fall with ducks in water

Jennifer Centric

I have been a lifelong artist, both drunk and sober. I feared sobriety would ruin my artistry but found that it enhances it. In turn, ...
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carol romero outside in pink shirt

Recovery Hero: Carol Romero

My name is Carol Romero and I’m in my third year of recovery. I’m most astonished about what I’ve learned about myself. In recovery I’ve ...
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pat guy with glasses standing in kitchen

Recovery Hero: Patrick Gates

Hi, my name is Patrick Gates and I have been in recovery for three years. I am most proud of getting my family back and ...
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