Recovery Hero Pedro

My name is Pedro Zamora Jr. and I have 11 months sober. During this time, I am most proud that I have started to walk ...
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springs recovery hero ellen elizabeth

Ellen Elizabeth

My name is Ellen Elizabeth and I have been in recovery for almost 4 and a half years. During this time, having my twins is ...
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Juan Luna

Hello, my name is Juan and I have been in recovery for one year and 4 months. My biggest accomplishment in this time has been ...
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Elise Bergsten

How has my creativity impacted my recovery?  My creativity informs my recovery.  Given free rein, creativity can be a tool to process events of my ...
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Recovery Hero: Ryan

My name is Ryan and I have been in Recovery since February 2015 and sober since October 2015.My biggest achievement by far is having escaped ...
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Recovery Hero: Ryann

My name is Ryann and I have been in recovery since Feb 11, 2017. I am most proud of being the mother my two daughters ...
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male and female talking into microphones

Opioid Epidemic Funding

AG Weiser announces a funding proposal to support the fight against opioids in Southern Colorado. Southern Colorado counties could soon see additional funding in the ...
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dad and son smiling

Recovery Hero: Daniel Sullivan

My name is Daniel Sullivan and I have been in recovery since May 22, 2017. I am most proud of having meaningful relationships with people ...
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painting of tree

Ling Sigstedt

I started drinking at 13. Hiding in my room, I invented a world with a rapidograph pen and watercolors, then attended art school in New ...
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male in black t shirt

Recovery Hero: Darin Valdez

I am most proud of a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization I started this year called Colorado Artists in Recovery ( We host art/music/meditation workshops for people ...
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Wesley Dickson Recovery Hero skydiving

Recovery Hero: Wesly Dickson

My name is Wesly Dickson and I have been in recovery for 5 months. Since being in recovery, I have started a cleaning business, opened ...
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Tammy Lee photo

Recovery Hero: Tammy

My name is Tammy Lee! I have been in recovery 4 months! During this time I am very proud that I have been able to ...
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